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No trading account required. Join games for as little as $1 and compete to win!

How to play

Easy to play, easy to win
Step 1: Choose a game

Our crypto, stock, and forex games last minutes or hours--it's up to you!

Step 2: Make your picks

Lock in your picks and actively trade your positions for the duration of the game.

Step 3: Dominate the leaderboard

Track your score and compare your winnings against your friends.

Step 4: Win money

Pick your symbols, lock in your orders, and trade during your game to win!


Game Summary

  • Compete with millions in simulated accounts
  • Rank with your PNL on real-time leaderboards
  • Huge prize pools

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TradeStars is awesome! I love trading without market risk... Looking forward to joining games with bigger prizes.
– Karen V.

We decided on a winner take all payout and the action was intense! We trash-talked by text for 60 minutes until Stanley was crowned king for the day... Next game we're opening the prizes to allow multiple winners. #GAMEON
– Jamaal W

TradeStars is changing the game. Small entry fees, huge prizes... My trades lost money and I still won! All I have to do is lose less than the other players!"
David J. - "PIPSLAYER"